To add an add-on to your Kickstarter pledge, follow these steps:

  • Go to the HJ-Story Kickstarter page and press the Manage your Pledge Button.  If you have not pledged  yet it will say Back this Project
  • Increase your pledge in the Pledge Amount box by the total of the add-ons you want to add.
  • Do not change the tier you are currently pledged at.
After the end of the Kickstarter campaign you will receive a survey that will ask you questions so that you can explain how you would like the add-on money assigned, please make sure  you do calculate the add-on amount current to avoid delay in shipping.
Do I need to add shipping and handling? Each pledge amount includes shipping already.





  • Slipcase (+$10)
  • Miniprints (+$3 each)
  • Sticker (+$3)
  • Keychain set (+$8)
  • Stickynote (+$3)
  • Postcard Set (+$20)
EXAMPLE #1 For example, you'd like to add 1x case, 3x mini-prints, 4x stickers $10(case) + $9(prints) + $12(stickers)

You'd add $31 to your pledge.

EXAMPLE #2 For example, you'd like to add 1x case, 1x postcard set, 1x keychain set $10(case) + $20(postcard) + $8(keychain)

You'd add $38 to your pledge.

HJ-Story Vol.3 Kickstarter