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Better late than never! Here’s a simple e-greeting to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! Hope everyone have an awesome pig year!
As everyone know Kate and I and Chase moved to Canada a few months ago and things are still somewhat chaotic with settling down so HJ-Story’s update had been a little bit irregular but I’ve been working hard to buffer up episodes for 2019 and will hopefully be back in action very soon ^__^

Don’t forget to check out the Lunar New Year EMOJI and Sticker set for Line messenger!

Posted On 05 Feb 2019


Fairy Tale 01: Snow White

Part 1 of 12 from the mini fairy tale series drawn for the 2019 Calendar: Once upon a time (Sold out) Love is… saving you from the bad apple. No dragons to kill, no mountains to climb, if only it’s so easy to be a hero!  
Posted On 03 Sep 2018

Baby Math 01

Seeing Chase grow up, there’re so many little moments everyday that I just don’t have time to draw. I thought to do a simple idea of a mini-series of Chase’s baby math, to just capture some of the little moments
Posted On 27 Aug 2018

Love is Kitty

Kate is cute and lovable and sweet “most” of the time… and yet not to be messed with at other times.
Posted On 20 Aug 2018

Love is.. Feeling Invincible

Love makes me feel invincible… but even Superman has kryptonite
Posted On 30 Jul 2018
Mar 3, 2019 - The shop for books and merchandises is still closed unfortunately :( Feel free to email us at [email protected] for any inquiries!
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