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Better late than never! Here’s a simple e-greeting to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! Hope everyone have an awesome pig year!
As everyone know Kate and I and Chase moved to Canada a few months ago and things are still somewhat chaotic with settling down so HJ-Story’s update had been a little bit irregular but I’ve been working hard to buffer up episodes for 2019 and will hopefully be back in action very soon ^__^

Don’t forget to check out the Lunar New Year EMOJI and Sticker set for Line messenger!

Posted On 05 Feb 2019


Baby Math 05

I admit that it’s not just Kate, I can’t stop giving monkey Chase little kisses on his squishy cheeks.
Posted On 17 Dec 2018

Baby Math 04

Chase knows exactly how to search through his good to find the things he likes. I tell Kate that it’s in my DNA that I don’t like veggies (and yet she still forces me to eat veggies everyday)
Posted On 10 Dec 2018

Baby Math 03

Chase loves tissues and anything that he can rip into milliion of pieces!
Posted On 22 Oct 2018

Baby Math 02

Innocent bystander…
Posted On 15 Oct 2018
Mar 3, 2019 - The shop for books and merchandises is still closed unfortunately :( Feel free to email us at [email protected] for any inquiries!
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