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Mad Love!


As you all know once in a while, we have filler episodes dedicated to awesome movies. This round is tribute to Mad Max, the most awesome movie of 2015! Kate loved it so much that we went and watched it twice! Let us all go on a wild, crazy, awesome road of love!

Posted On 28 Dec 2015


Love is… Can’t wait to see you

  I’d always countdown the days until I’d see you again!
Posted On 29 Aug 2013

Have You Ever…

  I remember when I first met my wife…
Posted On 29 Aug 2013

Meet Joo and Kate

  Meet Joo! The boy falling in love~! and Kate! The girl who made him fall… (This is his favorite blue hoodie)
Posted On 29 Aug 2013

Story Begins

  Love is a wondering journey, and this is my story…
Posted On 29 Aug 2013