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Text desc: overall intro about the weekly contest and how winners will be announced.

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The bottom section is a mockup, and just to show what I had in mind for the contest.   Each one will be a blog post,etc


Love makes you stronger!


This was inspired while benching weight, and randomly came up with the idea thinking what is good for you might come crashing down and hurt you (me) too! Luckily Kate is there to spot me… in the drawing

Posted On 30 Dec 2015



Posted On 29 Aug 2013

Love is… Selfless

  “That’s ok! I’m not cold”
Posted On 29 Aug 2013


  Thinking of you gives me energy! (and wakes me up from day dreaming sometimes too)
Posted On 29 Aug 2013

Love Trap

  Daydreaming about stupid things at work…
Posted On 29 Aug 2013
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