Day & Night

This is dedicated to all those in a long distance relationship ^_^ (Thanks Aiman for the idea!) Can anyone think of a catchy phrase for this pic? Follow Kate’s on Instagram
Posted On 28 Oct 2015

New HJ-Story Stickers on LINE : Winter Love

Christmas is coming! New HJ-Story stickers now on LINE store. Get a headstart now:
Posted On 27 Oct 2015

You’re Never Alone

You’re never alone! How you interpret this might define whether you’re a lover, or a stalker/being stalked… XD
Posted On 26 Oct 2015

Love Pearl

Kate and I were bored and was rewatching Titanic for fun, and she told me she want the “Heart of the Ocean” jewelry, then the conversation went randomly to how we’ll scuba dive and go look for it. So this image just popped in my head 🙂
Posted On 23 Oct 2015

Love is… making time for you!

Lately both Kate and I had been really busy, but luckily we’re great at procrastinating and play first, work later!
Posted On 21 Oct 2015

Caught In Love

Most of the times, I think of an idea or story before starting the drawing, but this image was just based on a gut feeling of love, that I cannot really put into words. A simple image to hopefully bring a little smile to everyone’s face 🙂
Posted On 19 Oct 2015

Love is… what keeps the world spinning!

Yep, it keeps the world going around and around. (Yes it’s the polar icecap slightly melting on top of Earth’s head)
Posted On 16 Oct 2015

Luxating Patella

This special episode is dedicated to our poor Jingo, early this year Jingo underwent surgery >_< Luxating patella (or trick knee, subluxation of patella, floating patella, or floating kneecap) is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its...
Posted On 14 Oct 2015


Kate and I found have both found a new hobby!
Posted On 12 Oct 2015

Love is… YOU!

An idea that an fan submitted! (Aiman) I thought that even thought it was very nice, simple and straight forward image that can say alot about how we feel.
Posted On 07 Oct 2015

Love is… Like a Maze

Different paths, and dead ends. Many choices and decisions. You never know who you’ll bump into or where you’ll end up!
Posted On 05 Oct 2015

Love is… Adapting!

We all grew up in different background and lifestyle, and to should learn to adapt to each other’s differences!
Posted On 23 Sep 2015

Love is… Future

Love is building a future together! This was an idea a fan suggested and I couldn’t help but taking the drawing to another level!
Posted On 21 Sep 2015

Love is… Storytelling

Sometimes when I feel like a child, there’s something so calming and sweet about just laying and my mom reading stories to me. The same is with Kate, I love to just lay there while she tells me about her day or the funny and strange incidents and people that she met!
Posted On 18 Sep 2015