Food Challenge

Over the weekend, Kate was out with her friends and felt sorry that I had to eat alone so she cooked me a massive meal… Just when I finished the last spoonful and was enjoying the meal of love, Kate freaked out that I was able to finish everything!
Posted On 04 Jan 2016

Thank You 2015, Welcome 2016!

Thanks for liking and support HJ-Story through 2015, the 2015 has been great and we wish you all a great 2016 Follow HJ-Story on Instagram:
Posted On 02 Jan 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy new year everyone!!! 2016 is finally here! What’s every one’s new year resolution?? ps: see pink edition at Kate’s Instagram :
Posted On 01 Jan 2016

Love makes you stronger!

This was inspired while benching weight, and randomly came up with the idea thinking what is good for you might come crashing down and hurt you (me) too! Luckily Kate is there to spot me… in the drawing
Posted On 30 Dec 2015

Mad Love!

As you all know once in a while, we have filler episodes dedicated to awesome movies. This round is tribute to Mad Max, the most awesome movie of 2015! Kate loved it so much that we went and watched it twice! Let us all go on a wild, crazy, awesome road of love!
Posted On 28 Dec 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Happy holiday from Kate and I! Wish everyone to have the most warm and loving in this holiday season with friends and family! Eat lots of yummy food and have lots of fun! Thank you everyone from the bottom of our heart for accompanying us in 2015 and we hope to bring more love...
Posted On 25 Dec 2015

BBM Christmas Stickers is Here!

Christmas is almost here yay! HJS Stickers just arrived on BBM as well! Now avail on Line, Between, BBM! More to come!
Posted On 23 Dec 2015

Seeing you Happy

I believe the beauty of true love is learning to be happy when those that you love is happy, even if you might not be part of the happiness. When love is lost, do not dwell on what went wrong, but instead sincerely wish for the best for their other half and treasure that...
Posted On 23 Dec 2015


That’s my theory anyways… or perhaps I’m just too lazy to pronounce two syllables XD Visit our online store @
Posted On 21 Dec 2015


Recently I’ve received a lot of email and message from Spanish speaking supporters. Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish so I can only reply with this picture. Thank you! Maybe one day I can draw every country! Thank you again everyone!
Posted On 16 Dec 2015

You make who I am

Being with Kate for almost 5 years now, I realized how much she has affected to become who I am today. She’s given me a lot of inspirations, and I’ve also picked up on a lot of strange habits from her that I never had…
Posted On 14 Dec 2015

Ulterior Motive

Kate’s been feeding me…. I sense an ulterior motive… O_O Support HJ-Story on Patreon:
Posted On 09 Dec 2015

Stress Relieve Part.2

Sometimes it doesn’t work too well the other way around, I’ll be digging my grave if I do this… Check out HJ-Story Official Instagram:
Posted On 07 Dec 2015

Love is… Stress Reliever

The padding of the bag is very nice and fluffy and Kate’s not very strong so no punching bag or character was harm during the stress relieving sessions 🙂 Get a sneak peek into Kate’s life at her new Instagram:
Posted On 02 Dec 2015