Cutting the Distance

Happy Valentine’s day! This episode dedicated to all the long distance couples that’re far away on this special day. Take a picture then crop and combine your photos and show us that distance won’t stop your love, tag us on Instagram @hjstory.official and @kate.hjs
Posted On 14 Feb 2016


Since I draw, I have no choice but to sit in front of the computer for quite a lengthy period of time… According to her, I have an addiction. Follow Kate on her Instagram
Posted On 10 Feb 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 新年快樂!
Posted On 08 Feb 2016


As much as we try to influence each other positively. Kate and I have both picked up a lot of each other’s bad habits without even realizing! (Kate walked in one day and just flipped her socks off her feet, which is actually my signature gesture when I come home… and...
Posted On 03 Feb 2016

Jingo on LINE Messenger

Jingo refused to stay home and he deviced to coming to LINE messenger! Pay him a visit now.
Posted On 01 Feb 2016

Fit Bod vs Dad Bod

So I realized there seems to be a talk of “”dad body”” vs “”Fit body”” which one is more attractive… Luckily I have both!
Posted On 01 Feb 2016

Love is… Daring

Love is… Daring! Blast off and fly thru the fiery hoops of love! Join our patron and see the progress shot of this episode! (
Posted On 25 Jan 2016


To start things off, I decided to leave my full time job so that I can focus on doing things I love, such as HJ-Story (It took a bit of convincing to Kate that I got everything under control)! So get ready for the restarting of regular updates and many upcoming news! If you...
Posted On 18 Jan 2016


Vacation with those you love is like a temporarily escape from reality!
Posted On 11 Jan 2016

Arctic Warmth

It’s been very cold in Korea lately, Kate & I were walking and drinking a cup of hot chocolate out in the cold which inspired this scene! Sharing a cup of warm hot chocolate with someone you love…feels AWESOME! 😀
Posted On 06 Jan 2016

Food Challenge

Over the weekend, Kate was out with her friends and felt sorry that I had to eat alone so she cooked me a massive meal… Just when I finished the last spoonful and was enjoying the meal of love, Kate freaked out that I was able to finish everything!
Posted On 04 Jan 2016

Thank You 2015, Welcome 2016!

Thanks for liking and support HJ-Story through 2015, the 2015 has been great and we wish you all a great 2016 Follow HJ-Story on Instagram:
Posted On 02 Jan 2016