HJ-Whispers 01: Patience


I think over the many years of dating and break-ups, if there’s anything I learnt about loving someone and being in a relationship, it’s patience.

It’s not about how sweet you can be, how much gifts you give, or even how much you’re willing to do for your loved one. It’s about how patient and understanding you can be when things aren’t going right, when someone does something that makes you angry, sad, or hurt.

If I think over every single argument I’ve had in the past, and the break ups, most of the time, if only one side could be more patient and understanding, everything could’ve been prevented.

It’s actually really easy to treat someone nicely, it’s easy to do a lot of sweet things for someone, it’s easy to shower someone with love and gifts. But it’s so hard, so hard, to be understanding and patient when things aren’t going the way you want. It took me so many years to try to learn this, and even now I can’t say it’s easy, but I know I’m trying.

In this relationship, I lose in almost every argument I have with my girlfriend. :) Not because I have no sense of principle or opinion. It’s because I think that for almost every argument, it’s not really important who wins, deep inside, most of us all know what’s right and wrong. It’s just at the heat of the moment, we become stubborn, or we let our emotions take over our logic and we argue. In the past, every time I win an argument, after it’s all over, I know deep inside who was right and who was wrong. If you care and love someone, try to just let little meaningless things go, sometimes even let the big things slide… just a piece of my mind :)

Love is… Patience: http://tapastic.com/episode/2683


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