Love is… running for a hug!

Just a simple little episode for the day πŸ™‚ (This was actually a redrawn for a sticker I made a while back but forgot to upload)
Posted On 27 Dec 2016

Love is… sharing happy moments together!

I’ve been eating non-stop during my trip to Canada and Kate’s appetite continue to grow during her final days in her pregnancy! If all goes to plan, the baby should be coming next month and I’ve been busy with last minute preparation (at the same time I have no...
Posted On 24 Nov 2016

Love is… being bored…

Kate called me and told me how bored she was without me around, and I can totally imagined what she’s doing at home alone πŸ˜€
Posted On 21 Oct 2016

Love is… hard to say goodbye

I’ll be heading over to Canada to visit my parents tomorrow, and since Kate needs to take care of the little one inside her tummy, we decided that it was better she skip the trip this year~ The hardest thing about being apart isn’t even the time we’ll spend...
Posted On 26 Sep 2016

Love is… being my bestfriend!

Love is.. being my best friend! This is part of the best friend mini-series for the Gong Cha collaboration in Singapore! While brainstorming about idea for friendship, I realized how much similar there is between the topic of love and friendship. Thank you for being my best...
Posted On 09 Jun 2016


As much as we try to influence each other positively. Kate and I have both picked up a lot of each other’s bad habits without even realizing! (Kate walked in one day and just flipped her socks off her feet, which is actually my signature gesture when I come home… and...
Posted On 03 Feb 2016

Seeing you Happy

I believe the beauty of true love is learning to be happy when those that you love is happy, even if you might not be part of the happiness. When love is lost, do not dwell on what went wrong, but instead sincerely wish for the best for their other half and treasure that...
Posted On 23 Dec 2015

Love is… Stress Reliever

The padding of the bag is very nice and fluffy and Kate’s not very strong so no punching bag or character was harm during the stress relieving sessions πŸ™‚ Get a sneak peek into Kate’s life at her new Instagram:
Posted On 02 Dec 2015

Love is… Petrifying

Sometimes I’d just stare at Kate and become lost in space, like I’m petrified πŸ™‚ Kate’s not too familiar with Medusa, and she freaked out asking me why does she have snake on her head lol.
Posted On 20 Nov 2015

Love is… Doing things together!

Kate and I love to introduce each other to things we each enjoy doing… for some reason I feel it’s not so easy for me to share her passion sometimes.
Posted On 13 Nov 2015

Love is… a universal language

Therefore there’s not much need for words or caption for this πŸ™‚
Posted On 06 Nov 2015

Love is… Alive

Kate likes to wake me up to check if I’m sleeping. It’s her way of telling me to play with her… How do YOU get your other half to play with you? Follow Kate on Instagram:Β
Posted On 02 Nov 2015

Love is… Making you laugh

It’s not as fun for Kate since I’m not ticklish, so she actually has to tell me something funny πŸ™‚ Follow Kate on Instagram
Posted On 30 Oct 2015

Love is… making time for you!

Lately both Kate and I had been really busy, but luckily we’re great at procrastinating and play first, work later!
Posted On 21 Oct 2015